Kudoshin Sogo Ryu Bujutsu is an art with roots in Shorinji Kempo and Daito-ryu and later Taka-ryu. The art encompasses various components of classic systems; Hand to Hand or Jujutsu, Sword Culture or Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu, Spear Arts or Sojutsu and Naginatajutsu and Bojutsu. Lastly there are a few more sub components like Hojojutsu and Kyujutsu (archery). Archery is offered Sunday afternoons 2pm to 4pm.

Traditional Kung Fu and Taiji

Sifu Neil Ripski

Chinese Kung Fu - 10 Animal Style (Xinyiliuhe)

10 Animal Style, also known as Heart & Mind Boxing (Xinyiliuhe), represents a rare internal Chinese martial arts system. It's considered a sister art to Tai Chi, offering a simpler and quicker path to internal martial arts mastery. The training strengthens the body and mind in layers, encompassing the muscular, fascia, and bone, as well as intellect, intention, and will. The practice involves mastering single drills and combinations of movements, both solo and in partner exercises.

Chinese Yoga/Meditation - Shaolin 18 Lohan Palm

The Shaolin 18 Lohan Palm is a Buddhist training system that incorporates energy work (qigong) and meditation. Initially designed for monks as a daily practice to enhance both mind and internal energy (Qi/chi), it includes seated and moving meditation sessions, alongside teachings on fundamental Buddhist thought and Qigong exercises, akin to Chinese Yoga.

Drunken Fist/Shaolin (Zuiquan)

Drunken Fist, also known as Zuiquan, is a unique martial arts system that cultivates flexibility, speed, and adaptability in both mind and body. Practitioners appear to move like drunkards outwardly while remaining focused and sober inwardly. Shifu Neil Ripski, the instructor, has authored a comprehensive series of books titled "Secrets of Drunken Boxing," available on various platforms including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu.com.

Instructor Background:

Shifu Neil Ripski has spent over a decade traveling as a Martial Arts & Qigong workshop instructor, spreading his knowledge and expertise. His students, located in England, Israel, Canada, Scotland, and the US, attest to the quality of his teachings. As a successor of renowned masters such as Master Chen Qiming (Shaolin), Ma Qinglong (Drunken Fist), and a disciple of Xu Guoming (Ten Animal Xinyiliuhe), Shifu Neil brings a wealth of experience and authenticity to his classes. He has been teaching professionally since 1999 and now offers both in-person and online classes.